Exterior Wood Staining

Exterior Wood Staining in Birmingham, AL
Why stain wood

Stain protects decking and fencing from the damaging effects of water and sunlight. Water, whether from melting snow or rain, causes wood to rot, joints to loosen, and nails to pop. Even woods that are resistant to rotting, like cedar and redwood, will rot eventually if they are unprotected from water damage. The ultra violet (UV) rays from sunlight dry and weaken the wood fibers. Fungus and mildew may not damage the wood but will discolor it. Stain contains additives to retard mildew and soak into the wood fibers to prevent sun and water damage.

exterior wood staining

How it works

Stain penetrates the wood fibers, essentially turning the outer layer of the wood into a protective coating. Oil-based stains contain petroleum based solvents which soak into the wood, while water-based stains contain silicone or wax additives to repel water.

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Xtreme Cleanz offers many different colors to complement your homes existing features and are able to stain the following:

  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Arbors
  • Patio Covers
  • Shutters
  • Playsets
Our 7-Step Wood Refinishing Process
  • Wood Evaluation
  • Clean and Remove Dirt and Strip off any Stain
  • Brighten & Neutralize Wood
  • Let Wood Dry Out
  • Sanding of Wood (if needed)
  • Detail Work & Necessary Repairs (if requested)
  • Apply a Professional Grade Stain / Seal

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