Why you should pressure wash your home or business in Birmingham, AL?

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Why you should pressure wash your home or business in Birmingham, AL?

Xtreme Cleanz Pressure Washing Services for Birmingham AL

is a locally owned and operated Residential / Commercial cleaning company that serves the greater Birmingham, AL area for all pressure wash and roof cleaning needs. No matter what type of professional cleaning services your home/business requires, we have the resources, experience, and quality-control systems in place to get it done right the first time. When you request a free estimate, we will customize a cleaning service plan to fit your facility’s unique needs. Whether you require cleaning service regularly or on a one-time-only basis, we can create a plan that satisfies all your requirements. Xtreme Cleanz pressure washing services a wide variety of residential and businesses throughout Jefferson, Shelby, Chilton, and St. Clair Counties.

What We Can Do For You

Whether residential or commercial we are always careful to use the right amount of pressure and proper chemicals when needed for cleaning mold, mildew, algae and other unsightly stains. We have the right equipment and experience to make your home or business as clean as possible without risking damage to your property. In today’s world, image is everything and first impressions count. Make your home or business look its best and stand out from the rest with Xtreme Cleanz Pressure Washing.

Residential Power Wash for Birmingham Area

Xtreme Cleanz offers our residential clients professional power washing and exterior cleaning of brick, concrete, driveways, siding, stone, stucco, windows and other specific cleaning applications.

Commercial Building Wash for Birmingham Alabama area

Xtreme Cleanz offers our Birmingham commercial clients building wash and exterior cleaning of apartments, buildings, parking lots, strip malls, drive-thru’s and many other specific applications.

Xtreme Cleanz Commerical Cleaning Services

is also committed to providing your home/business with top quality cleaning while doing our part to protect the world we live in. With Green Seal Certified® chemicals, and state of the art cleaning techniques,Xtreme Cleanz wants you to feel good about the cleanliness of your home/business and about choosing an environmentally responsible company. Xtreme Cleanz pays attention to the details, cleaning your home/business the way you would, if you had the time. Plus you can relax, knowing that all of our cleaning professionals have under gone extensive training and are fully bonded and insured.

Six common misconceptions about pressure washing:

1.  “It’s easy I can do it myself.”  We can see why many think this is a good option.  The truth is without proper training, skill and experience, washing your house or restoring your deck can be overwhelming.  Not to mention the risk of injury or damage to your property.

2.  “High pressure is the best way to clean.”  High pressure cleaning to the wrong materials can cause damage.  A professional will use the right unit pressure to ensure no damage and more effective cleaning.

3.  “Detergents and cleaning agents are not needed.”  Washing with water alone is ineffective.  You can not strip and brighten a deck, wash a house covered in dirt, mold & mild or clean a roof without proper chemicals.

4.  “Any house or deck washed for $99.00.”  This is an old bait and switch used by some companies.  These enticing ads get you to call but do not include the fine print.  Chemicals are extra, stain deck not included, etc.  Your final bill can amount to way over what you wanted to pay.  If you become adamant about paying the ad price you may receive a rushed job from a uninsured company.

5.  “An honest contractor gives a quote by phone.”  If this was true it would save us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in fuel every year.  In reality there are too many variables that can influence the price.  We don’t know how easy or hard a job is until we are on site and can evaluate.  This prevents up-charging.  The price quoted is what you pay.

6. “Hot water washing is best.”  The truth is hot water can warp vinyl siding, wood, kill plants and damage shingles if not used correctly.

Do you need professional pressure washing in the Birmingham, AL area?  Call today for a free estimate.  205-966-0000.

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