Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

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Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

Hi folks.  Just wanted to talk about our company and what exactly we do here in the Birmingham Alabama metro area. While our name may look a little crazy our work is second to none. My name is Jonathan Zarzour and I’m the owner operator for pressure washing services Birmingham, AL . I’ve been in the pressure washing services birmingham, al business over 10+ years. Through trials and tribulations I think we have got our business down to a science. Below are a list of the services we currently do and a brief tutorial for each one.

Roof Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers a NO PRESSURE roof cleaning which is recommended by the ARMA asphalt roof manufacturers of America. It guaranties the removal of the algae with no harm to the granules. Our standard operating procedure is to wet all shrubs, cover plants if needed, ladder up to the structure, trap dirty water if needed, and rinse roof if needed. We have a 2 year warranty on any whole roof wash.

Power Washing- Xtreme Cleanz offers pressure washing for both residential and commercial. Any driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, brick, pool deck, and just about anything else you can imagine. We have both Hot and Cold units and the ability to bring water to the job site. No job is to big or to small and we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. Call us for pressure washing services birmingham, al 205-966-0000

Wood Restoration- Xtreme Cleanz offer wood staining and sealing. We have a process which includes washing/cleaning the wood, repairing/replacing any boards or nails, sanding if needed, and applying the sealer. We do a mixture of brushing, rolling, and spraying depending on the job as no two jobs are the same. The average life of a seal job is usually 1-3 years depending on the traffic, weather, and surroundings.

Gutter Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers gutter cleaning for any size house. We have ladders from 6-40 feet and can rent a lift if need be. Don’t get out there on a ladder and risk harming yourself. Let the pros do your dirty work.

Window Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers window cleaning for residential and commercial buildings. We have a process which involves soaping the window, scrapping if needed, using a squeegee, and cutting in corners and top to reduce dripping. As I stated above we have ladders to reach and window and can rent a lift if need be.

Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

Xtreme Cleanz is a licensed and fully insured company. We have 2 million dollars General Liability (Farmers), 1 million in auto insurance (Allstate), and Worker Compensation (Sheffield)

The reason for insurance is due to our company working with commercial companies on large jobs which include Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Strip malls, Schools, Hospitals, Gas Stations, and much more. While we enjoy working with our commercial accounts we love our residential customers and the relationships we are able to make. We believe customer service and strong relationships make the future of any company. If you have any questions or want to see some before and after photos click here Power Washing Photos

Thanks and we appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to read about our company. JZ

pressure washing services birmingham, al

Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

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