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Springtime Pressure Washing Birmingham AL area

It’s that’s Springtime of year for pressure washing Birmingham area homes

Springtime is typically the best time of year for pressure washing Birmingham area homes. There are great reasons to pressure wash this coming spring.
1. Moisture can wreak havoc on your exterior home. Snow, ice, frost, rain, and high humidity can all negatively affect the exterior. Moisture in all forms can cause growth of mildew. This becomes very unsightly and reduces your curb appeal. Winter mildew can cause damage and stains to your home. Letting mildew and stains sit on your home or business for long can result in permanent damage. Pressure washing can remove this mess easily with no impact on the environment. Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can cause wood surfaces (decks/fences) to contract and expand. The movement can cause cracking. We can pressure wash the area and provide a new deck stain seal to last for years.
2. Increase your homes curb appeal with pressure washing and deck staining. If you are sprucing up your home to increase curb appeal for buyers, the most effective step you can take is to pressure wash your home. Pressure washing the outside of your home keeps it looking the very best. People looking to buy a new home often decide whether or not they want to look inside based off the outside look. You can assume if the house is dirty, mildew, and missing stain; buyers will drive by. There are many things you can do to improve your home’s curb appeal but none is typically effective as pressure washing.
3. By pressure washing every year you increase your homes value. Good investments are those which you invest less to get more. Pressure washing your home is one of those kinds of investments. The increase in your home’s value is much greater the cost of pressure washing.
4. Pressure washing with us will save you time. Regular methods take a long time and lots of elbow grease. You have to mix chemicals, climb ladders, tough labor and spend an entire day doing it. Also, hand washing does not have the same power. Let us pressure wash for you in a timely manner, less cost and no labor.

Give us a call so we can spruce up your home for Springtime with pressure washing Birmingham area. 205-966-0000

pressure washing birmingham

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Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

Hi folks.  Just wanted to talk about our company and what exactly we do here in the Birmingham Alabama metro area. While our name may look a little crazy our work is second to none. My name is Jonathan Zarzour and I’m the owner operator for pressure washing services Birmingham, AL . I’ve been in the pressure washing services birmingham, al business over 10+ years. Through trials and tribulations I think we have got our business down to a science. Below are a list of the services we currently do and a brief tutorial for each one.

Roof Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers a NO PRESSURE roof cleaning which is recommended by the ARMA asphalt roof manufacturers of America. It guaranties the removal of the algae with no harm to the granules. Our standard operating procedure is to wet all shrubs, cover plants if needed, ladder up to the structure, trap dirty water if needed, and rinse roof if needed. We have a 2 year warranty on any whole roof wash.

Power Washing- Xtreme Cleanz offers pressure washing for both residential and commercial. Any driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, brick, pool deck, and just about anything else you can imagine. We have both Hot and Cold units and the ability to bring water to the job site. No job is to big or to small and we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism. Call us for pressure washing services birmingham, al 205-966-0000

Wood Restoration- Xtreme Cleanz offer wood staining and sealing. We have a process which includes washing/cleaning the wood, repairing/replacing any boards or nails, sanding if needed, and applying the sealer. We do a mixture of brushing, rolling, and spraying depending on the job as no two jobs are the same. The average life of a seal job is usually 1-3 years depending on the traffic, weather, and surroundings.

Gutter Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers gutter cleaning for any size house. We have ladders from 6-40 feet and can rent a lift if need be. Don’t get out there on a ladder and risk harming yourself. Let the pros do your dirty work.

Window Cleaning- Xtreme Cleanz offers window cleaning for residential and commercial buildings. We have a process which involves soaping the window, scrapping if needed, using a squeegee, and cutting in corners and top to reduce dripping. As I stated above we have ladders to reach and window and can rent a lift if need be.

Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

Xtreme Cleanz is a licensed and fully insured company. We have 2 million dollars General Liability (Farmers), 1 million in auto insurance (Allstate), and Worker Compensation (Sheffield)

The reason for insurance is due to our company working with commercial companies on large jobs which include Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Strip malls, Schools, Hospitals, Gas Stations, and much more. While we enjoy working with our commercial accounts we love our residential customers and the relationships we are able to make. We believe customer service and strong relationships make the future of any company. If you have any questions or want to see some before and after photos click here Power Washing Photos

Thanks and we appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to read about our company. JZ

pressure washing services birmingham, al

Pressure Washing Services Birmingham, AL

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Best Pressure Washing Companies in Birmingham, AL

Guide to Pressure Washing Companies in Birmingham, AL with Xtreme Cleanz

Pressure washing your Birmingham home is critical to make your home ready for the painting process. Not removing all grime from a wall increases the chances that any coating you apply will fail sooner..

Our pressure washers takes off dust, mildew, and old paint using high pressurized water. Some washers are electric, some are gas fueled . Sometimes they can be difficult to operate but they can also be dangerous to an unskilled user.  Let Xtreme Cleanz fix up your painting job.

What to know with the Pressure Washer before Power washing your Birmingham home is important.

When you buy a power washer they come with manuals that you must follow. Renting a pressure washer usually doesn’t come with instructions. You will need to ask the store employee how to safely operate the machine. Some things are common to all pressure washers. They all have a spray nose that adjusts the water pressure, hose and gun. The main challenge is handling the nozzle and all the pressure from the handle.  In the end it’s safer and more affordable to let a professional like us handle your power washing needs.

Water needs to be flowing at the proper rate before it hits the handle. The typical garden hose sometimes doesn’t handle this. To supply the machine, a hose with a diameter of 5/8 inch is recommended.  Let Xtreme Cleanz do the job right the first time with proper commercial grade equipment.

How to not get hurt when pressure washing.

Don’t point the nozzle at a person or yourself. Pressure washers can seriously harm a person. When you fire the gun of a the washer it can kick back. If your on a ladder you could fall from the force. A certain amount of strength is involved in pressure washing.  To avoid the dangers with pressure washing, please contact Xtreme Cleanz at 205-966-0000 to avoid these common issues.

Always aim away from sources of electricity. Lights should be avoided when washing a house’s exterior.

The Right Pressure Level is critical.

Sometimes less is more with pressure washing.  Some jobs might need between 1500-1800 pounds per square inch. This can remove spider webs, dust, and grime from area.  It can also eliminate fungus.  Most over the counter chemicals are not strong enough to get the job done.  Let us use commercial grade safe chemicals to remove dirt, grime, fungus and mold from your home.

Removing loose paint may require a bit more force on the walls of your Birmingham home. Up to 2500 pounds per square inch could be necessary. A washer’s highest setting 3200 psi is usually overkill. Hitting a surface with that much force can harm it and cost money.  It’s important to us a professional to not damage your home.

Which Nozzle is right for the job?

The nozzle determines how the water hits the area being cleaned. A wide fan usually works but you have many nozzle types to choose from. On a pressure washers used by pros, a nozzle’s color usually indicates its fan width.

A red nozzle can wreck an exterior so make sure you have a professional inspect the surface first.

Yellow nozzles are still powerful. The spray can scrape paint when directed to a surface.

Green nozzles are greatly used you can get debris, dirt, and leaves off your sidewalk and driveway and make your home new again.

Turbo nozzles are high-powered pieces of equipment. A turbo shoots water straight ahead it also rotates the water circularly.  Concrete is a fine material on which to use a turbo nozzle.  Soft wood and siding should not be used.

All these nozzles need to be decided by a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.  Choose Xtreme Cleanz to get the job done right.

Before You Pressure Wash

The most important thing prior to pressure washing is to protect your Birmingham house from the blast of the water. Make sure all windows and doors are closed and check leaky ones. Remove patio furniture and other items which could be harmed or in the way. Always make sure you have someone helping to move the machine and make sure the hose doesn’t tangle.

Water and electricity is dangerous, so turn off the power at the source while washing. If the wind is strong consider waiting to do the job the force and wind could knock you off a ladder.  Don’t risk any dangers to yourself, use a professional.

How to Wash with a Cleaning Solution

If you include chemicals, please make sure it’s eco-friendly and a neutral PH. This type of chemical with have a low impact on your house’s exterior and plants. Don’t let it dry on the walls you’re cleaning.

We have the right chemicals for each specific job so let a professional do it correctly.

If your looking for the best pressure washing company in Birmingham to do your job right and affordable, call Xtreme Cleanz 205-966-0000.

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Why you should pressure wash your home or business in Birmingham, AL?

Xtreme Cleanz Pressure Washing Services for Birmingham AL

is a locally owned and operated Residential / Commercial cleaning company that serves the greater Birmingham, AL area for all pressure wash and roof cleaning needs. No matter what type of professional cleaning services your home/business requires, we have the resources, experience, and quality-control systems in place to get it done right the first time. When you request a free estimate, we will customize a cleaning service plan to fit your facility’s unique needs. Whether you require cleaning service regularly or on a one-time-only basis, we can create a plan that satisfies all your requirements. Xtreme Cleanz pressure washing services a wide variety of residential and businesses throughout Jefferson, Shelby, Chilton, and St. Clair Counties.

What We Can Do For You

Whether residential or commercial we are always careful to use the right amount of pressure and proper chemicals when needed for cleaning mold, mildew, algae and other unsightly stains. We have the right equipment and experience to make your home or business as clean as possible without risking damage to your property. In today’s world, image is everything and first impressions count. Make your home or business look its best and stand out from the rest with Xtreme Cleanz Pressure Washing.

Residential Power Wash for Birmingham Area

Xtreme Cleanz offers our residential clients professional power washing and exterior cleaning of brick, concrete, driveways, siding, stone, stucco, windows and other specific cleaning applications.

Commercial Building Wash for Birmingham Alabama area

Xtreme Cleanz offers our Birmingham commercial clients building wash and exterior cleaning of apartments, buildings, parking lots, strip malls, drive-thru’s and many other specific applications.

Xtreme Cleanz Commerical Cleaning Services

is also committed to providing your home/business with top quality cleaning while doing our part to protect the world we live in. With Green Seal Certified® chemicals, and state of the art cleaning techniques,Xtreme Cleanz wants you to feel good about the cleanliness of your home/business and about choosing an environmentally responsible company. Xtreme Cleanz pays attention to the details, cleaning your home/business the way you would, if you had the time. Plus you can relax, knowing that all of our cleaning professionals have under gone extensive training and are fully bonded and insured.

Six common misconceptions about pressure washing:

1.  “It’s easy I can do it myself.”  We can see why many think this is a good option.  The truth is without proper training, skill and experience, washing your house or restoring your deck can be overwhelming.  Not to mention the risk of injury or damage to your property.

2.  “High pressure is the best way to clean.”  High pressure cleaning to the wrong materials can cause damage.  A professional will use the right unit pressure to ensure no damage and more effective cleaning.

3.  “Detergents and cleaning agents are not needed.”  Washing with water alone is ineffective.  You can not strip and brighten a deck, wash a house covered in dirt, mold & mild or clean a roof without proper chemicals.

4.  “Any house or deck washed for $99.00.”  This is an old bait and switch used by some companies.  These enticing ads get you to call but do not include the fine print.  Chemicals are extra, stain deck not included, etc.  Your final bill can amount to way over what you wanted to pay.  If you become adamant about paying the ad price you may receive a rushed job from a uninsured company.

5.  “An honest contractor gives a quote by phone.”  If this was true it would save us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in fuel every year.  In reality there are too many variables that can influence the price.  We don’t know how easy or hard a job is until we are on site and can evaluate.  This prevents up-charging.  The price quoted is what you pay.

6. “Hot water washing is best.”  The truth is hot water can warp vinyl siding, wood, kill plants and damage shingles if not used correctly.

Do you need professional pressure washing in the Birmingham, AL area?  Call today for a free estimate.  205-966-0000.

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What is roof algae in Birmingham AL and why to pressure wash?

What is roof algae?


In many regions across the country “especially the south” roof algae or (Gloeocapsa Magma) has become a serious problem. Gloeocapsa Magma is an airborne algae so it can land on any roof with no rhyme or reason, though it does seem to be more prominent in areas holding a lot of trees. The algae also thrives in warm humid climates, usually first appearing on the north facing slopes of roofs where the right amount of shade and moisture are common. The roof algae then feeds on the crushed limestone which is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles, and as it rains the algae spreads down the roof causing black streaks. If not taken care of the algae will take over the entire roof in a few short years turning the whole roof black. Once the roof algae has landed on the roof it will have to be killed and removed properly or it will continue to spread, it will never get better or just go away on its own.

roof algae


What the algae does to roofs in Birmingham, AL

When roof algae are not taken care of they stop the shingles from reflecting heat from the sun’s UV rays. When this happens it can affect your home’s heating and cooling costs without you even realizing it. Also because the shingles cannot reflect heat they start to diminish prematurely. Signs of wear are curled corners, wavy or humped shingles, broke or loose shingles, and an excess of shingle granules appearing in your gutters just to name a few. Not to mention it’s very unsightly and diminishes a business or homes curb appeal and value.

Misconceptions about roof algae in Birmingham, AL

It has been my experience from talking with many troubled home owners that most roofing contractors are not going to tell the home owner that their roof only needs to be cleaned. Think about that for a moment, why would they? I have had many customers tell me that a roofing contractor told them that the black streaks were water marks or a sign of wear in either case a roof replacement was recommended. Another scenario is that some roofing contractors have no idea themselves what roof algae is and that it can be cleaned. Some will also combat losing a potential roof replacement job by telling the home owner that you can’t clean shingles without damaging them, which is completely untrue. None the less many home owners are suckered into a costly, premature replacement of a roof that only needed to be cleaned.

Roofing Industry studies have indicated that MOST roofs are replaced, according to a national poll, due in LARGE PART to the unattractive LOOK of the roof surface, NOT BECAUSE the roof is damaged or leaking.

In FACT, most homeowners don’t know of the roof cleaning OPTION or have ever been given another choice to replacement until….NOW!

Now you don’t have to WASTE hard earned money to replace a roof that can be EASILY cleaned for 1/10 the cost of replacement and in a much quicker time frame with no waste to fill up overburdened land fills, plus no lengthy construction inconvenience. Roof Cleaning can usually be performed and completed in LESS than ONE DAY!

Our NO pressure roof cleaning process

Xtreme Cleanz only uses chemicals approved by the ARMA* Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and does NOT use any pressure on shingled roofs. We also provide our customers with technical bulletins directly from and shingle manufacturers to prove that our procedures and chemicals are properly formulated for roof cleaning. Our chemicals provide enough cleaning power to remove all mold, mildew, and streaks…without pressure washing. Even low pressure 500-1000psi pressure washing can lead to the lose of granules, which is exactly what the algae does. Don’t pay someone to ruin your investment pay them to protect it.

Need professional cleaning?

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